Delivering Exceptional Job Candidates


Quality People and Services

We realize our clients and the professionals who represent us are important to our growth. Our well-earned reputation for fairness and honesty allows us to maintain long term relationships with both. ARG believes that when the right people are working together, quality products and services are the final result.Our business depends upon the growing number of companies that continually return to us when they look for quality people and service. At ARG, our reputation and future depend on how well our clients succeed.


We live in a world that is becoming increasingly more complicated by the amount of change taking place.  Companies today must know how to use new technologies to accomplish their goals. Yet, keeping pace with these rapidly developing technologies and new ways of structuring information is no simple task.

Today, employers have a difficult time finding qualified individuals who meet their staffing requirements. They may also need to hire consultants on a temporary basis to accommodate workload fluctuations.  Managers who need these skills frequently have neither the time nor the resources to find the right person for the job. This is why many Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on the knowledge and expertise of Atlantic Resource Group (ARG) to assist them.



ARG provides its clients with an experienced team of highly talented technical professionals in multi-platform environments.

Clients can choose from a full range of information technology services in the following areas:

  • Application Design and Programming
  • Project Management and Team Leadership
  • Database Analysis and Design
  • Voice/Data Network Services
  • Technical Software Support
  • Software Performance and Tuning
  • Technical Writing
  • Management Consulting
  • Outsourcing

The ARG approach to problem solving is energetic, creative, and cost effective. Just what you would expect from a premier consulting pacesetter.


Consulting services are only part of the picture.  ARG also provides a recruiting staff comprised of Information Technology professionals to assist our clients with their employment needs.  Our specialized selection process ensures that our clients receive the most qualified candidates.




ARG only submits resumes of interested, available, and skilled professionals who have the proper work ethics. After resume review and selection by our clients, ARG will schedule interviews with the candidates so that final staffing decisions can be made.



Under this arrangement, clients can use the services of our consultants on a contractual basis. This time can serve as a probationary period. Clients can convert the consultant to an employee status any time during the contract period.

Proven hiring without risk, another service from ARG.